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Located in the east of France, the region of Franche-Comté includes four departments: the Doubs, Jura, Haute-Saone and Territoire de Belfort.  It is a land of forests and wide open spaces, rolling plains and mountains, a region rich in history and proud of its heritage.


In the borders of Switzerland, Germany and Italy, Franche-Comté is fed by numerous influences throughout history. From Besançon to the Lake District, to the citadel of Belfort  and to the mountains of Upper Jura and Upper Doubs, Vosges in Val de Saone, Franche-Comté has many sides to its identity... a thousand and one treasures and reasons for a traveler to linger a little longer...


The dark wooded hills, limestone plateaux, rolling dairy country and vine-wreathed villages of the Jura Mountains stretch for about 250km from Lake Geneva northeast to Belfort, along both sides of the Franco–Swiss border. Rural, deeply traditional and un petit peu eccentric, the Jura – from a Gaulish word meaning ‘forest’ – is ideal if you're seeking serenity, authentic farmstays and the simple pleasures of mountain life. Wayside farms invite you to stop, relax and sample the tangy delights of Comté cheese and vin jaune (yellow wine) – a sure way to experience those ‘ahhh, c’est la vie…’ moments.

The Jura – after which the Jurassic period in geology is named – is France’s premier cross-country skiing area. The region is dotted with small ski stations, and every year it hosts the Transjurassienne, one of the world’s toughest cross-country skiing events.

Franche-Comté is an authentic destination; real and rewarding. Best visited either summer or winter.


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