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France as seen from the sky

Imagine yourself about to board a helicopter, a hot air balloon or a small plane about to enjoy the great outdoors, to explore the urban jungle and to simply celebrate the poetry of a moment...

Take a step back in order to appreciate the landscapes of France: Paris, the Loire Valley, Arcachon Bay and Landes Forest, Volcanoes of Auvergne, Bordeaux or Champagne Vineyards, Massif Alpine or Pyrénéens.

Realize your childhood dream of flying! Alone, in pairs or even in groups, this unique experience is the promise of a magical and unforgettable pleasure moment...

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Helicopter view of Paris

Helicopter view of Paris

Paris | Duration : 1 day

This tour invites you to discover Paris from the sky. By helicopter you can watch and photograph the most beautiful monuments of Paris. Then you will take a gourmet lunch in the Esclimont castle.

Aerobatic flight in a Jet fighter – The Fouga Magister : Adrenalin guaranteed!

Aerobatic flight in a Jet fighter – The Fouga Magister : Adrenalin guaranteed!

Rennes | Duration : 30 minutes

Discover the incredible sensations of a fighter jet in full flight. Strap yourself into the Fouga Magister, accompanied by an experienced pilot who will safely provide you with a dose of adrenaline safely performing aerobatic loops that brush the clouds. Tight turns, loops, barrel rolls and challenging G-forces are all scheduled.

2175 €
Price per person