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Sweet or savoury?


The tradition of eating crêpes on ChandeleurIt is the custom to prepare and eat crêpes on February 2nd and all through the Mardi Gras season. Why this particular day? It's a bit shrouded in mystery, but many sources mention Pope Gélase I, who helped establish Chandeleur and whose custom it was to feed crêpes to the pilgrims who visited his church. The form and color of the crêpe also calls to mind the sun, which is returning after its winter sleep.

But it's not enough to just eat crêpes; there are a few things you must do while cooking the crêpes to insure your health, wealth and happiness for the coming year.

While cooking the crêpes, hold a coin in one hand, with the other, flip the crêpe . . . and catch it while making your wish for the new year. If you catch it your wish will be answered; if not, dommage!

1.  Another way to insure good luck is to toss the first crêpe on an armoire and hope that it sticks. If it does stick, you have to keep it there all year and your harvest will be successful.

2.  Je vous souhaite bonne chance!