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FAQ : Online products

Frenquently asked questions

Some answers




  • Can I have additional information not included in the description of the activity?

We strive to include as much information in our descriptions of the website.
Other information essential to the success of the booked appear on your voucher (address, telephone ...). If however you have to want to know more, you can write to info@objectiffrance.com or call 00 33 (0) 9 66 96 13 19 with the client name as file reference.

  • Do I need to have an account to book tours and activities?

You do not need an account to book with Objectif France. When you make a booking you receive your next payment received by e-mail with the details of your reservation and payment. If you do receive an e-mail is that your booking or payment failed. You should probably start the booking procedure.



  • When should I book my activity?

As soon as possible in advance.  This way the activity will always be available on the dates you have requested. Some activities are in very high demand.

  • How do I book online?

Simply select your activity by using the selection criteria that we offer. Then let yourself be guided. You will need to specify the number of people, and the options selected. You will then only need to enter your credit card details on our secure system and receive our payment e-mail.

  • When will I obtain confirmation email of availability?

We endeavor to confirm and reply in only a few hours, but on average a response is emailed to you within a period from 12 to 48hours.

  • What do I do if there is a problem while booking?

If during your reservation, you encounter difficulties or have questions that you cannot find the answers on the website, you can send an email to our Customer Relations department: info@objectiffrance.com or telephone: 00 33 (0) 9 66 96 13 19.

  • Can I book several services at the same time?

Objectif France gives you the option to book several services at the same time, to prevent you from making multiple payments. Each reserved service will complement your shopping cart and once this is final, you can proceed with its regulations.

  • If I book several activities, what will happen if one of them is not available?

Objectif France notify you by email of the available benefits and those that are not. You will be charged in any case not available benefits. Only the amount corresponding to the total of available services will be charged to your credit card.



  • Are credit card transactions perfectly safe and secure?

We use a secure payment platform called Ogone – Ingenico.  This system guarantees optimum security of your payments: Ogone - Ingenico

  • When will my credit card be charged?

Your card is not charged until the confirmation of the availability and the service is booked.
If availability is not confirmed, your card will not be charged.

  • Why does an error message appear as I try to pay with my credit card?

There may be a technical problem on our side. We will busy repairing it so please renew your request later.  Some cards may not be allowed, and this is explained on our terms and conditions. We then ask kindly ask you to use another payment card



  • What should I do with my voucher?

Together with the confirmation of availability, we send you your vouchers by email.
Your voucher MUST be printed and shown on the spot to the service provider. Read them carefully, there is important information about your activity.

  • Where should I present my voucher?

It is essential to bring and present the voucher for the service you have selected and paid for. The address will appear on the voucher as well as the appointment time.

  • Could I have a phone number to help me?

The contact details of the supplier, along with the telephone number, will be mentioned on your voucher. In case of difficulty, you can join them. Objectif France staff will also be at your disposal during your stay, throughout the opening hours of our offices: 00 33 (0) 9 66 96 13 19.

  • Can I change the dates or number of people on an activity that is already booked?

Customers can have the opportunity to request a change of their booking under the conditions indicated in the description of the service.
Generally, if you ask for modification more than 7 days before the date of use of the service booked, no fee will be charged except for activities marked "non-modifiable, non-cancellable," or have specific modification rules that are indicated on the voucher.
If the a modification request is received less than 7 days before the activity, we reserve the right to apply a processing fee according to the specific rules of cancellations and indicated on the delivery.
Any modification of date, or the details of the service, cannot be guaranteed and will be made subject to the availability of our service providers.  
For an existing booking a request to modify should be made by email to info@objectiffrance.com, stating your reservation number, the customer’s name and what the preferred modifications.

Conditions can be different from each other according to the service, please consult the description of your service chosen. For services indicated "not be canceled or modified" or on some special dates, no changes are possible.

  • How do I cancel an activity?

Email us your reference number, the name of the activity, the customer name and the sale price by sending an email to info@objectiffrance.com

  • Is there a cancellation fee?

You are invited to consult the cancellation conditions indicated for each activity. A cancellation fee may have to be paid under certain conditions. These are shown on the voucher. If canceled, you will be notified by email directly with the amount of cancellation charges.  The difference will be reimbursed.

  • What will happen if I do not make it to a reserved activity (transport problems, strikes ...)?

No refund will be made.



  • Can you build me a customized service?

Yes. Objectif France is the specialist in tailor-made travel. We can design your journey with you, taking your ideas or something from our catalogue, and putting together the trip that suits you best. We can build you a personalized service to fit both your wishes and your budget. Send us your relevant information to allow us to process your file quickly and in the best conditions. If you would like to send us a request: info@objectiffrance.com or telephone: 00 33 (0) 9 66 96 13 19